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Quality Improvement

The Principle of C5N, Richard Blackburn, has a long history of performance as both employee, interim and consultant within the business quality management & improvement arena. This has included work primarily focussed in design or manufacturing environments to identify opportunity, design the implementation plan, implement the system(s), create documentation and train users. The result is to leave a self sustaining system that can continue to grow without ongoing reliance on external support. Bringing a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing management, process setup and improvement, and technical/commercial business knowledge you can be assured that we deliver results.

Our methods are simple and direct:

  • » Understand the issue(s) to be addressed and identify the opportunities
  • » Create a scope document to define targets
  • » work within the customer organisation at all levels to understand the root causes
  • » Design the "future state" plan and system(s) at the APPROPRIATE level
  • » Implement the system(s)
  • » Provide a sustainable environment and hand over responsibility to local staff
  • » Review and adjust the plan as required in the future

We provide a personal service tailored to your business. We will not bring 300 PowerPoint slides and suggest you follow our process. We will however bring experience and understanding to deliver a pragmatic solution at the right level to suit your business. We specialise in doing this for organisations with less than 500 employees (SME's), and particulalry start-ups, so please contact us for further details.