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Supplier Sourcing & New Product Introduction

If you are bringing a new product to market, need prototype or volume suppliers or sub-contract services then we have a vast network of contacts and suppliers to quickly realise your needs. For small parts we have an in-house fully equipped fabrication area and a toolroom with CNC and manual machines all selected for their precision and ease of prototype manufacturing. For parts less than 30kg and volumes under 100 parts we can offer quality, cost and delivery to rival any company. For larger parts or assemblies, higher production volumes or those requiring specialist capability we have an extensive network of suppliers, from design resource, FEA, casting, machining, moulding, assembly, electronics and software.

We can act as project manager to bring these sub-suppliers into your business to achieve the production parts and assemblies you require.

We are heavily biased to electro-mechanical systems and mechanical assemblies as this is our main area of expertise.

Finding suppliers is only half the project, the next step is selecting and developing these suppliers and the supply chain management systems to achieve volume and capability during ramp-up and into full production. Having carried out this process many times, often using ISO9001, ISO16949 and Automotive style Advanced Quality Product Planning tools tailored to meet your business needs.

You do not need to be an automotive company or supplier to use these tools, as as with any pragmatic approach we are more inclined to select and adapt the best systems available rather than invent a new one from scratch.

It does not matter if you are looking for a few special fasteners, or an entire product featuring 1000's of components such as a wind turbine, or assemblies in volumes over 100,000pa, we can help you achieve this.